Please contact us at 519-822-9388

Assessing Consignments

To best assess your potential consignment we request that you forward a digital image to together with your contact name and phone number.  We will then contact you to further discuss the item you wish to consign.

If you have multiple items, please send 2-3 images of representative items and again, we will contact you to discuss the consignment.

If you are interested in consigning a full or partial estate, no immediate images are required, we simply request you either phone or email us with your contact information and a Shed Representative will respond to further discuss details.  A site visit will be arranged as necessary.

Consignment Items

Preference will be given to antiques, vintage items, collectibles and the unique.  Condition of course is always important.  Items in pristine or excellent condition will always be preferred by Bidders over items that are extremely worn or even damaged.  That is why The Shed ensures to discuss with the Consignor the condition of an item and will ask the Consignor to point out any known defects prior to accepting the consignment.


The Shed will offer two types of auction formats, general or reserve auctions.  A 'general' auction will not include reserves for any items.  The items will be offered for sale to the highest bidder with no predetermined minimum bid requirement.  A minimum bid increment of $2.00 is set for 'general' auctions.  This means that a Bidder must initially bid $2.00 for an item and to increment a bid must also bid at least $2.00, although a Bidder is always able to bid a higher amount.

A 'reserve' auction may be executed where a Consignor, or a group of Consignors, are offering items of known higher value.  Examples of this might be a motor vehicle, cataloged artist, authentic Rolex, etc.  In this type of auction, the Consignor, together with a Shed Representative must agree to a reasonable reserve value.  The item will be offered for sale at a minimum reserve value and incremental bidding will be again established at a mutually agreeable amount, e.g. $50.  The Shed would be pleased to assist a Consignor with this type of auction.  Minimum consignment fees will apply for a 'reserve' auction.  These fees may be waived dependent upon the final hammer price, please discuss with your Shed Representative.

Consignment Fees

Consignment fees may vary depending on each consignment and a Shed Representative will discuss this with you at time of consignment.  Fees are based on imaging, cataloging and selling the item via online auction.  The fee does not include any pick up or delivery of items.  Consignors are responsible for delivery of the goods to The Shed.  Successful Bidders are responsible for pick up / delivery of items they purchase.


The Shed will issue payment to Consignors approximately the 3rd week after the auction containing the consignment closes.  Consignments to multiple auctions will be paid out by the same rule, i.e. payment issued approximately the 3rd week after each individual auction closes.