About Us

The Shed Auctions

We are an online only auction house specializing in antiques, vintage and collectibles.  Wholly owned and operated as a division of the Aberfoyle Antique Market.  Much of the success of the Aberfoyle Antique Market is from serving Customers with a friendly, stress free atmosphere. The Shed is committed to serving our Customers in a similar fashion.

Our friendly staff will help guide you through the experience of an online auction, whether it is registering to bid or consigning one of your collectible or heirloom items.

Online auctions have gained much popularity since their launch in the early 1990s.  Back then, there were only a few options.  But today, you have multiple choices of auction sites to consign your goods or to place your bids.  

Why choose an online auction house to consign goods?

  • Traditional auction houses are actually becoming fewer and fewer.  Consider that they will typically have less than 200-people previewing and / or attending the live auction.  
  • Most traditional auctions do not even provide a catalog of items.  
  • Those people attending the live auction have limited time during the available preview, sometimes only with a 2-hour preview allowance, and are distracted by the many items that are displayed nearby so much so that each item is always less than optimally presented.
  • When the item is presented for sale, the Bidders at a live auction then have only a few stress filled minutes to decide to bid or not.
  • Compare this to an online auction where every item commands its own space in the online catalog.  Each item may have multiple images including a detailed description as part of the catalog.
  • The online auction catalog is normally published for online viewing two or more weeks in advance of the actual opening of bidding.  Thousands of people, from local to distant, will have the opportunity to view the catalog.
  • When the online auction goes live, the entire catalog is offered for sale simultaneously for the entire period that may measure several days in length.  This helps to drive a maximum price for each lot offered.
  • And then at closing, the 'soft close' offered by most online auction houses simulates the compressed time offering of a live, traditional auction urging the Bidders to their final, maximum bids for an item.

Why choose The Shed online auction house to sell your goods?

  • The ultimate success of an online auction is based on registered Bidders, how many and are they interested in what the online auction has to offer.
  • The Shed is located on the same premises as the Aberfoyle Antique Market.  Aberfoyle Antique Market welcomes more than 70,000-Visitors each year.  The majority of potential Bidders registered with The Shed are from the annual Visitors of the Aberfoyle Antique Market.
  • We know that these potential Bidders are interested in antiques, vintage and collectibles.
  • By focusing our auctions on antiques, vintage and collectibles we have a perfect meeting of Consignors and Bidders.
  • But even more, our potential Bidders are beyond just local.  Yes, Guelph is our largest base, but after these potential Bidders, our next largest groups are from Toronto, Hamilton and Oakville.  We reach a very large audience.

Choose The Shed for maximum results!